Adoption Resources

Adopting a child is scary enough without feeling like you are all alone.  In a small way, perhaps some of these links can be resources for information and encouragement…or simply places to go to ask your questions and connect with others who might relate to your experiences. Below is a list of some resources (books, articles, sites, etc.) that we found personally helpful and/or impactful along the way.

* Standard Disclaimer:  We are not responsible for these sites and, while we try to stay current and have no wish to “endorse” something that we disagree with, we  make no guarantees as to your own experience.


Together For Adoption – a bit of a “one-stop-shop” for adoption resources

ABBA Fund – financial information and aid for adoption; also has other resources

Show Hope – financial aid/grant for adoptions (we received a grant from Show Hope to help with our adoption)

CCAI Adoption Services – adoption agency we chose to facilitate our China adoption; based in Centennial, CO

Great Wall China Adoption – another respected adoption agency that we looked into; based in San Antonio, TX

Center For Family Building – law office of Ted Youmans, the adoption attorney that we worked with to adopt Jacob; based in Orange County, CA


Books on Adoption, Infertility, and/or Parenting:

Adopted For Life by Russell D. Moore

Adopting After Infertility by Patricia Irwin Johnston

When Empty Arms Become a Heavy Burden by Sandra Glahn and William Cutrer

The Lost Daughters of China by Karin Evans



“Adopted” Series by The Austin Stone Community Church



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