About Us


Dennis was born with Texas in his heart. At least that’s what he thinks, even though he wasn’t actually born in Texas and grew up in Houston…which is hardly the best sampling that the Lone Star State has to offer. He works in the perpetual time-warp otherwise known as college ministry. Once upon a time, he lived amongst the Cariocas of Rio de Janeiro and did undercover work in communist Asian countries. Home is now Austin, Texas, where he can find great live music for free and cheap breakfast tacos all-day, any-day of the week. Austin is also the epicenter of Texas barbecue, which is a fortunate thing as we all know Texas barbecue is the best and there is a slight chance that he’s addicted to it.  Dennis resides here with his wife (Carita), his son (Jacob), and a Scottish Terrier named Miss Daisy.


(Editor’s Note – Dennis wrote some things here on Carita’s behalf…but Carita has made it known that she’d prefer to write her own bio rather than leaving it up her snarky husband.  So this message will stay as a placeholder until such a time as she is able to come here and tell us about herself.)


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