Story Telling

Before the days of blogs, Twitter feeds, and Facebook updates…before even the ancient practice of writing & mailing an actual letter…we shared via the spoken word.  That is the oral tradition.  It involved face-to-face interaction (teenagers find this increasingly odd, like people used to really talk to each other in person rather than text messaging?).  It involved actually speaking aloud.  It involved the telling of stories.  Telling after re-telling, from one person to another, from generation to generation.

I’m so glad I don’t live in that age.  It sounds exhausting.  Instead, we share stories in this way:

You can read some of the thoughts and accounts of the days depicted in the film here.  (*Also a big “thank you” to our church friends at The Austin Stone Community Church for making this film!)

We don’t put this up because we like the attention (well, I kinda like attention, but Carita doesn’t :)).  In general, we’re really fine with living quiet lives.  Becoming famous is just not in the cards for us, if you know what I mean.

So why are we revealing such personal, private, intimate accounts of our lives in such public ways?  For one, we believe that our adoption story is a part of a bigger story.  The names may change.  Substitute Asian faces for Caucasian, African-American, or Latino ones.  Change the location from the U.S. to China, Guatemala, or Rwanda.  These are still chapters of that bigger story.

Here’s what else we believe:  God is writing the ultimate Adoption story and if our smaller story points to this bigger one, it is a story worth telling.  And re-telling, again and again.


5 thoughts on “Story Telling

  1. I just wanted to thank you for your video but also your faith that you portray in this video… I can’t wait to show it to my husband to give us hope & guide our prayers! So my husband’s brother just moved to Austin last year and I am going to be visiting them in June! He is a pastor at the Vineyard Church in Austin. Thank you again so much for this post. What a gift it was to me this morning. 🙂 ~Ronda,

    • You are so welcome, Ronda. Apologies for the slow response. Despite our best intentions, keeping current with the blog has been challenging. Nevertheless, we gladly attempt to do it.

      Are you and your husband thinking of adopting? If so, we will certainly pray for you in the process. And, if our story can be a small blessing to you and perhaps spur your faith, well, it’s we who are blessed for knowing that.

      • Thank you for your reply! It usually takes me just as long to get back to people so no worries 🙂 We are considering it. We know we are on the same page right now so that is a blessing. We are still going through fertility treatments, at the near beginning of it all. Thank you for your prayers as we seek God in his plans for us and what His perfect child is for us! Thank you!

    • Hi Kimberly,
      I’ve heard people say that every adoption is unique. I imagine that it’s generally true. But I also think that the emotions we all feel as we go through adoption have a lot of commonality – our fears & anxieties, our hopes, and the love. Prayers for you as you wait.

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